DIY Sidewalk Chalk Obstacle Course

Does your child need a break from school, homework, or screen time? Sometimes going to a playground is not an option. Luckily sidewalk chalk obstacle courses are an easy outdoor movement activity that you can do right outside your home!  

This activity has many benefits such as targeting the following: 

  • Gross Motor Skills 
  • Coordination  
  • Balance 
  • Strength  
  • Motor Planning  
  • Attention 
  • Vestibular Input 
  • Proprioceptive Input 

  Here are some ideas for your outdoor obstacle course:  

  • Add Jumps. Use shapes, letters, numbers for your child to jump on. Try different patterns such as forward, backwards and/or sideways. Make a game by calling out different shapes, letters, or numbers to jump toward. Have your child call them out as they jump or have your child try to spell a word as they jump. 
  • Add a path. This can be a straight, windy, curved or zig-zag path. Be careful to keep one foot in front of the other to stay on the path!  
  • Animal walks. Incorporate animal walks such as bear walks, crab walks, jumps etc. Get creative and have your child come up with other animal walks!  
  • Hop scotch. 
  • Add stations. Use a shape to show your child where they need to perform the movement. 
    • Jump 3 times  
    • Spin 3 times 
    • 5 jumping jacks 
    • Jump in and out of the circle 3 times 
    • Do a cartwheel  
    • Dance party 
    • Strike a pose (this can be a silly pose or a yoga pose) 
  • Add props. 
    • Balls for kicking or throwing 
    • Carboard boxes for tunnels 
    • Jump rope  

Other tips.  

  • Make sure to indicate where your obstacle course starts and finishes. 
  • Use a stopwatch and make it a competition with others or try to beat your own time. 
  • Involve your child in the process. Start by brainstorming possible activities you can include in the obstacle course. Write out a list or draw ideas that your child can choose from. Is there a theme? This is a great way to challenge your child’s planning skills and imagination.  
  • Include 3-5 activities in the obstacle course for children under 5 or for children who have challenges with sequencing.  
  • Include 5-10 activities for older children or to challenge your child’s sequencing abilities.  
  • Set your child up for success. Write the action (e.g., hop, spin, cart wheel, run, etc.) at the start of the station. Use different colors for each station. Go over each step of the obstacle course before starting so your child understands the sequence. Include a mix of easy and challenging activities to keep your child engaged in the activity.  

What are you waiting for? Grab a piece of chalk and get moving! 

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