About Eyas Landing


Eyas Landing is a multi-disciplinary therapeutic clinic for children and adolescents in the West Loop of Chicago. Established in 2007 by occupational therapist and child development specialist, Dr. Laura Hawkesworth Mraz, Eyas Landing is now the leading multi-disciplinary therapeutic clinic specializing in Sensory Integration, Early Intervention and relationship-based therapy.

Eyas Landing grew from their original location on Randolph Street to their current 10,000 sq. ft. facility on Carroll Avenue. Dr. Mraz opened sister company — Blue Bird Day — next door in 2014.  A second location at Northcenter was opened in 2018.

Each facility utilizes evidence-based practice and effective treatment approaches with a team of highly trained professionals specializing in working with children with developmental delays.

Owner and Occupational Therapist Dr. Laura Mraz, crossing her arms and smiling.

Dr. Laura Hawkesworth Mraz

Executive Director, Occupational Therapist


Eyas Landing’s mission is to deliver the highest quality in wholistic, relationship-based care to individuals and their families across environments to reach their fullest potential. To achieve this goal, our highly educated, compassionate staff dedicates time and expertise to create experiences that maximize therapeutic outcomes. The strength, determination, and perseverance of our clients are evident as they succeed in therapy, and ultimately in their daily routines.

Eyas Landing therapist with child


Eyas Landing staff.

Eyas Landing’s Occupational, Speech, Behavioral, Physical, and Developmental therapists are among the most highly qualified in Chicago. They hold advanced degrees, including clinical doctorates with specializations varying across the disciplines. Eyas Landing therapists are certified and trained in the leading evidence-based therapy approaches, including Early Intervention, Sensory Integration, Intentional Relationship Model, DIR/Floortime, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Handwriting Without Tears, Sensory Oral Sequential (SOS) feeding therapy, Music Therapy and Therapeutic Listening. Eyas Landing therapists are actively involved in research, publication, and professional development opportunities.

Our Therapeutic Services

Clients in need of Early Intervention (EI) or who have been diagnosed with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorders, apraxia of speech, articulation and phonological disorders, cerebral palsy, neurological injury, communication disorders, behavioral disorders and feeding disorders can all benefit from interventions from our multi-disciplinary team of therapists that include:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech-Language Pathology
  • Developmental Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pediatric Therapy
  • Early Intervention (EI)
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Intensive Therapy Program
  • Nutrition & Feeding Therapy
  • Neuropsychological Testing
Eyas Landing gymnasium
Pediatric therapy

Our Therapeutic Facility

State-of-the-art facility
  • Large Sensory Motor Gym
  • Small Sensory Motor Gym
  • Classrooms
  • Art Room
  • Physical Therapy Room
  • Game Room
  • Station Room