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Eyas Landing offers a variety of virtual services, provided in the comfort of your own home and implemented by our experienced therapists. Learn more about our virtual therapy program by clicking the button below. We’re now offering additional services, including Virtual Prep for Camp Group, Virtual Play Date, Virtual Sibling Session, Virtual Homework Help Session, Pre-Teen and Teen Support Group, and Virtual Counseling. All services are provided by a therapist and billable to most insurance plans. Contact us to learn more!

Pre-Teen and Teen Support Group

Pre-teen and teens can have difficulty opening up to their parents and caregivers during this trying time. A support group with other peers experiencing the same emotions is an opportunity for your pre-teen or teen to be in a virtual space to hear what others are going through and express their own feelings about life during the pandemic. Groups are lead by a licensed social worker.

Virtual Counseling

Parents have become their child’s caregiver, teacher, and entertainer while we are sheltering in place. With the added stress of increased demands, these emotions are natural, and we’re here to provide resources, information, and comfort during these unique circumstances.

Virtual Prep For Camp Group

Have you registered for Summer Camp or are thinking about registering? Virtual Prep-for-Camp Group will focus on the foundational skills needed for camp, including following directions and social skills.

Virtual Play Date

Just like us, our kids are missing their friends. Using a virtual platform can be a challenge for our kids to pay attention for a play date. With virtual play dates, one of our therapists will facilitate the play date with an Eyas or non-Eyas friend to ensure success!

Virtual Sibling Session

Are your kids having a hard time engaging and getting along? Sibling connection and engagement can be rewarding and challenging during this time. Have one of our therapists facilitate a play session between your kids to increase play and social skills, and decrease any bickering at home.

Virtual Homework Help Sessions

Needing extra help with your child’s school work? Our therapists can virtually work on lessons to ensure your child continues to learn while participating in distance learning.

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