Multi-disciplinary Therapy Programs

Multi-disciplinary Therapy Programs

Clinic Services

Eyas Landing provides multi-disciplinary therapy services for children and adolescents in need of occupational, speech, developmental, physical, feeding, behavior, or ABA therapy. Eyas Landing is committed to offering the highest possible standard of care in order for clients to thrive and meet their goals. Therapists collaborate across disciplines and with client families to create an ideal treatment plan.

In Home Services

Eyas Landing therapists provide support in the home and community setting. Home environments facilitate caregiver training and education on behavior management and sensory processing difficulties. Additionally, home services increase participation in home and community activities, including but not limited to dressing, bathing, grooming, eating, and going to the store. Therapists and caregivers form a collaborative team for approaching successful strategies related to home and community activities.

School Services

For children and adolescents who need extra support at school, Eyas Landing therapists are available to provide a wide range of services in the classroom. We will develop an individualized program that meets a client’s needs and accommodates specific scheduling requirements of both the school and client — even if the school does not have a partnership arrangement with Eyas Landing.

Telehealth Services

Eyas Landing now features Telehealth services, which uses telecommunication techniques to provide clients with therapeutic counseling over the Internet. Through Telehealth, we transmit voice, data, images, and information directly to each client’s computer. Telehealth’s interactive patient experience solutions enables clients to play a more direct role in reaching specific health and wellness goals.

Intensive Therapeutic Services

Eyas Landing provides intensive therapeutic services to augment existing therapy services. Intensive therapeutic services are a structured schedule created to provide a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach fitting each client’s specific needs. These therapeutic plans target the essential skills needed to form independence and are based on therapist recommendation and family’s availability. Intensive therapeutic services are highly successful with generalizing skills at home and in the community.

Merlin Program

The Merlin Program at Eyas Landing is a therapeutic full-day program designed to provide therapeutic intervention in a school-like setting for children ages 5 and up. Children participate in small groups to promote social interactions with a low therapist:child ratio, along with thoughtfully designed individualized care. Structurally, the Merlin program is similar to the successful therapeutic preschool and kindergarten readiness program at Blue Bird Day and is intended as the next step in that evolving process for those children that continue to need therapeutic support.

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Blue Bird Day

Our sister company, Blue Bird Day, provides multi-disciplinary therapies in a preschool and kindergarten like setting. Ideal for children ages 2-7, Blue Bird Day is designed to foster socialization, sensory regulation and learning skills.

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