Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Who makes up the Physical Therapy team?

Eyas Landing’s physical therapy team specializes in clients 0-21 years of age. Each member of the highly credentialed team has received their doctorate that emphasizes evidence-based practice. Their diverse backgrounds in Early Intervention, outpatient orthopedics and acute care in combination with their commitment to collaborate across the therapeutic disciplines ensures the best quality of care for each child. It is their passion for the field that keeps them fully engaged and introducing creative interventions to reach their clients’ goals.

Dr. Irma G

Specializes in Early Intervention (birth – 3 years old), Torticollis, and Therapeutic Handling.

Dr. Kathryn M

Specializes in Torticollis and Plagiocephaly, Toe-Walking, Developmental Delay, and Evidenced Based Practice.

Amy K

Specializes in Physical Therapy.

Rosealeen G

Specializes in Physical Therapy.

Chase W

Specializes in Physical Therapy.

Together, the PT team seamlessly collaborates with each child’s entire therapeutic team to address best practices and individualized treatment plans.

Physical Therapy Techniques

Although an onlooker may think physical therapy looks like play, Eyas Landing therapists use evidence-based techniques to get the desired results.

The physical therapy team is skilled in encouraging and motivating the child to participate in the appropriate activities to target their needs. Some evidenced-based techniques utilized by our therapists include Neuro-Developmental Treatment (Bobath), kinesiotaping, neuro-muscular re-education, orthotics assessment and management, and video gait analysis. Also, Eyas Landing physical therapists work with child athletes through rehabilitating injuries and/or fine-tuning movements for child athletes to reach their fullest potential.

For example, if a child has difficulty balancing on one foot and is unable to hop, our therapists will assess any muscle weakness or tight muscles with manual muscle testing and range of motion measurements. Next, our therapists might practice the movements of balancing on one foot by assisting the child to shift their weight using their hand placement to facilitate the correct muscle group. The therapist might assess whether or not the child’s foot position is affecting their ability to balance, and if orthotics are indicated. All these interventions might be completed while playing a game with the child that encourages them to lift one foot up from the floor, like stomping on bubble wrap or stepping on the pedal of a stomp rocket.

Our physical therapy team is also exceptional at meeting the needs of your child in the environment that is best for them. Therapy can be completed in your home, at our clinic, at your child’s school or daycare, at the park, or even bicycle riding up and down the sidewalks near your home. Our therapists are skilled at teaching children the skills they need so they can play and explore the world around them.

Goal of Physical Therapy

Goals for physical therapy are highly individualized and therapists conduct evaluations which identify areas of need. The evaluation assess muscle weakness, flexibility, skeletal alignment, gait, coordination, balance, and developmental skill acquisition. Another goal for children receiving physical therapy services at Eyas Landing is full participation in team sports, as many children have difficulty with quick motor movements to effectively play team sports.

An evaluation does not necessarily mean your child will require direct treatment or have any long-term impact on their development and Eyas Landing therapists are here to help you with any of your concerns.

If therapeutic interventions are needed, the therapist then creates an individualized treatment plan and functional objective goals. The team incorporates play into the techniques so that these goals are achievable and fun!

Overall, these therapists are here to help clients participate in age appropriate games with peers, return to prior levels of function before any injury, and help each child meet their highest potential.