Eyas Landing’s Summer Camp

Eyas Landing’s Summer Camp

Come join us this summer at Chicago’s leading therapeutic summer camp! For the last 12 years, Eyas Landing’s therapeutic summer camp has been developed to individually support each client’s needs and interests. We believe that all children should experience a summer filled with fun and friendship. Eyas Landing’s experienced team provides the ‘just right challenge’ for children of all abilities so that every child flourishes.

  • Camp Dates: July 8th – August 2nd 2024. Mondays through Fridays (4-week commitment required).

  • Camp Hours: 8 AM or 10 AM Start. Camp is between a minimum of five hours and a maximum of eight hours, based on therapeutic recommendations and provider availability.

  • Camp Location:  West Loop (1409 W Carroll Ave, Chicago IL 60607).

  • Ages Supported: 4-11 years old.

To better support peer engagement, social emotional learning, and well-rounded skill development, we have updated Eyas Landing summer camp to a four-week program with a 4-week commitment required. If you are interested in targeting more specific skills or if your child needs more hands-on support, we also offer Individual Intensive Burst Programs tailored to your child’s individual goals. 

No registration fee if you book before April 1st!

A 4-Week Commitment is Required to Attend Eyas Landing’s Summer Camp. If these dates don’t work for you, learn more about our Individual Intensive Therapy Burst Programs here.

Eyas Landing Summer Camp: Promoting Skill Development and Peer Engagement

Our summer camp curriculum has been designed by our multidisciplinary team of pediatric therapy experts, and incorporates evidence-based interventions from behavior therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, and social work. Our four-week camp promotes growth and development in a wide range of social, academic, and cognitive domains, including:


Social skills may not come easily for some children. During camp, children learn pragmatic skills using the We Thinkers! Curriculum (ages 4-6) and the Superflex Curriculum (ages 7-10). Activities focus on body awareness related to social interactions, turn taking, sharing, understanding someone else’s perspective, and flexible thinking through organized lessons and games. Summer camp is a great way for children to learn the foundational skills of social interactions to then enjoy participating in social activities with peers.


Does your child love to get messy? Or is your child apprehensive about touching unknown textures? Our Sensory Explorers participate in activities that explore their sensory systems: touching textures, dancing and obstacle courses for moving their bodies, and choosing music to fit their body’s needs. Activities are both structured and unstructured to meet each child’s needs, with a primary focus of play-based learning. 


Bike riding can be challenging—it takes coordination in the arms and legs, and overall body strength. Summer camp sets children up for success by using preparatory activities that promote coordination and strength related to bike riding as well as bike modifications. Children will have the opportunity to use a variety of bikes and other wheeled equipment, including tricycles, two-wheelers with and without training wheels, and the Strider bike. By using different bikes, children can better understand how to navigate wheels and become more successful with bike riding. 


Summer camp incorporates playbased learning and outdoor sports, with a variety of modifications and supports to help each child get involved in games. Sports include soccer, T-ball, kickball, and basketball. Children first learn how to play the game through stories and visual diagrams. Then, children learn the basics of each sport through games, and playing the sport. The focus of play is teamwork, gross motor skills, visual motor coordination, and waiting/turn-taking. 


At summer camp, children prepare their bodies and hands for writing by participating in core and hand strengthening activities that translate to success at the tabletop. Children learn how to correctly form letters using varying modalities (e.g. Play-doh, sand, wooden sticks, and pencil and paper), how to hold a pencil, and writing within and on lines. By the end of Let’s Write camp, children feel more confident in their abilities to write at home and at school. 

Do You Think Your Child Could Benefit From A More Individualized Approach?
Eyas Landing Can Create A Summer Program To Best Meet Your Child’s Needs.

Do You Think Your Child Could Benefit From A More Individualized Approach?
Eyas Landing Can Create A Summer Program To Best Meet Your Child’s Needs.

We’re offering two-week Individual Intensive Burst Programs from June 10th – June 21st, June 24th – July 5th, August 5th – August 16th, and August 19th – August 30th.

Does your child have a specific skill that they need help with this summer? Eyas Landing’s Individual Intensive Therapy Burst Programs provide your child with a tailor-made therapy schedule to target their unique goals.

Our individual programs allow your child to address visual motor difficulties, like letter reversals or handwriting legibility; gross motor difficulties, like bike riding or sports-specific techniques; or speech concerns, such as articulation and fluency drills. Our specialized therapy team will develop a program around your family’s summer schedule to provide daily OT, ST, PT, and/or Social Work services to address your child’s needs. Through these intensive, individualized programs, your child can rise to success and gain skills to prepare them for the upcoming school year.