Toy Recommendations for Early Intervention

Below is a list of toy recommendations that are beneficial for your child’s speech and language development. I provided links to where you can purchase these items. Also, thrift stores are a great place to look for the below Items!

 1. Interactive books

Interactive books include flap books, touch and feel, musical, and sound books. These books are a great way to promote engagement and build foundational literacy skills. They are also great for toddlers, children with limited attention, or for those that are not showing complete interest in books yet.

Where’s Spot
Busy Car Book
Noisy Farm

 2. Bubbles!

Bubbles can lead to increased engagement and joint attention and can motivate your toddler to communicate. You can work on targeting early developing vowels and consonant sounds (e.g. “Pop!”) and playful sounds!

 3. Pop-Up Toys

Pop-up toys are a great way for your child to learn and understand cause and effect. In order for a child to communicate or use words they must first understand that their actions or vocalizations have meaning or an effect on their environment.

 4. Blocks/Legos

Legos and blocks are a great way to target basic concepts (in, on, under). You can promote cause and effect with your child by building a tall tower and having your child knock it down.

 5. Ring Stacker

 6. Tunnel

You can use a tunnel to target following 1-2 step directions and prepositions (e.g. “Go through the red tunnel.”). It can also be used to teach children comparative/superlatives (fast, faster, etc.), pronouns (“Where are YOU?”) and can also be included in a game of “Hide-and-Seek”.

 7. Puzzles

Puzzles are great way to label common nouns and model environmental and playful sounds.

 8. Musical Instruments

Music is a great way to enhance your child’s engagement and participation. Music can promote speech sound development, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and expressive and receptive language skills. You can also work on having your child request which instrument they want to use.

 9. Farm

You can never go wrong with a farm and farm animals when playing with your child. Toddlers learn to label animals and vocalize animal sounds. It also reinforces the use of basic concepts (“Put hay in the horse stall.”) and provides many opportunities to ask basic Wh-questions.

 10. Pull back cars

Pull back cars are also considered cause and effect. You can work on the strategy wait time after using an intraverbal “Ready, set, ____.!”

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