Our Speech-Language Pathologists have ten great gift ideas to help your child promote language growth!


1. Books – These are a great way to introduce new vocabulary, sentence structure, and perspectives to children. Consider buying some books using the child’s interests to increase engagement and also coordinating puppets/toys. This will help recall, comprehension, and engagement. Some books I often grab for during my speech-language therapy sessions are:

 2. Potato Head – A word of wisdom passed on from generation to generation of Speech-Language Pathologists is to buy a Mr. Potato Head. This toy has a variety of uses such as following directions, requesting, turn taking, labeling body parts, descriptive language, and creativity!

 3. Doll Houses – Doll houses are a great way to build on labeling functional vocabulary and promoting basic concepts (i.e., prepositions, sizes, counting, colors, shapes, and categories). It is also a great way to channel children’s pretend play skills and turn-taking.

 4. Train Sets – Kids love things that “go.” Go is usually a first word for kids with delayed speech due to the incredible motivation things that move have. Trains, trucks, planes, and cars all provide opportunities for vocabulary, such as: stop, fast, slow, vroom, choo-choo, crash, and so many more!

 5. Farm Set – Consider a farm set as a gift this year as it supports language development and play skills. Farm sets can improve vocabulary, play skills, joint attention, and so much more!

 6. Bowling Set – Cause and Effect is a concept that is often targeted in speech-language therapy. Bowling sets are a fun way to reinforce this relationship while also introducing prepositions, turn-taking, and joint attention.

 7. Board Games – Turn-taking can be targeted in a structured and fun way during board games. Board games also offer an opportunity to enhance flexible thinking. Some easy ways to include turn taking and flexible thinking are to play rock-paper-scissors to see who goes first and to ensure everyone understands the rules prior to playing.

 8. Bubbles – Bubbles are a tried-and-true method to promote joint attention, requesting, and vocabulary. It is also helpful to promote speech sounds that are developed early on such as ‘p’ (pop, up, open) and ‘b’ (bubbles, blow).

 9. Balls – Balls are a fantastic way to introduce verbs to your child’s vocabulary. Words like “throw, catch, bounce, go” are easy targets when playing with balls. Balls also come in a variety of tactile concepts (like smooth, hard, soft, bumpy, etc.) for our sensory seeking friends.

 10. Blocks/Legos/Magnetic Tiles – Children’s imaginations are put to the test when playing with toys that require problem solving, hand-eye coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. Building is also a wonderful way to improve descriptive language skills.

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