Top 5 Gifts with Tips for Speech Therapy

Our Department Head and Speech Language Pathologist has some great ideas on gifts for children in Speech Therapy that kids will love!

  • 5. Cooking Set

    Cooking set facilitate functional pretend play and work on temperatures (hot, cold), action (blow, cook, stir, pour, turn)

  • 4. Feeding Set

    Feeding and baby changing set can be used to facilitate functional pretend play with stuffed animals, following directions, and labeling everyday items

  • 3. Animal Blocks

    Animal blocks can target early develop animal sounds, prepositions (on top, under), and actions (go, fall, crash)

  • 2. Board Books

    Board books, like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to read together. Works on beginning letter recognition, actions of up and down the tree, and facilitating the vocal play with late talkers (up-up-up, dow-dow-dow)

  • 1. Bubbles

    Bubbles can work on directions (up, down), size (big, small), actions (blow, go, pop, wipe, catch, poke). It is a great way to introduce babbling and vocal play with late talkers (up-up-up, dow-dow-dow)