Summer Camp In Review: Fun, Games, and Educational Adventures!

For nine weeks at Eyas Landing, children sang, laughed, and learned a variety of skills in a safe, structured environment. For some children, camp was a break from school, a place to make new friends, and enjoy new experiences. For others, it was a time to get comfortable with classmates in a school-like setting, an important step to get ready for the school year in the Fall. Summer camp was a fun, friendly place to try new and potentially challenging activities and to build self-confidence by learning they could succeed even when activities were difficult or intimidating.

Summer camp was a safe place for parents, too. They felt at ease knowing their children were supported by experienced, credentialed occupational therapists for the entire camp day. “This was the first summer camp I could drop my kids off at without worrying,” observed one parent.

A wide variety of camps were offered, with many designed to improve children’s social, emotional, and physical skills.

  • Sports Camp – kids learned the basics of T-ball, basketball, soccer, and kickball through stories and play. Everyone had a great time working together to achieve individual and team goals.
  • Sensory Explorers – children explored their sensory systems through texture play, dancing, participating in obstacle courses, and listening to music.
  • Bike Riding – coordination and strength-training activities prepared kids to ride bikes with and without peddles and cruise around camp like a pro.
  • Let’s Write – focused on core and hand strengthening activities that prepared kids to form letters, hold a pencil, and write within the lines. Kids left better prepared for the new school year.

There were even after camp options: Chess; Cooking Class; Zumba; Yoga; and Park, Popsicles, and Sprinklers. Children had an opportunity to learn everything from the basics of why chess pieces move the way they do, to a weekly nutritional recipe, how fitness can be fun, tips to keeping a calm and happy mind and body, and how yummy popsicles taste when eaten at the park.

One mother said her son was “always very excited to come to camp” and that she’ll “definitely come back next year.” Everyone here at Eyas Landing is looking forward to next year, too.

children holding hands
autism summer camp
chess reading

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