Congratulations Blue Bird Day School 2016 Graduates!

On Thursday, May 26, the students of Blue Bird Day took an important step on their long and rewarding educational journey. With family and friends gathered to congratulate the preschool graduates on their special day — donned in their caps and gowns to receive their diplomas — the Class of 2016 marched together with their proud teachers to a show of enthusiastic spirit hands, a quieter version of clapping hands for children with sensory processing disorder. As the graduates were introduced, everyone learned a little something about the ways in which each child made the school day a little more interesting and a lot more fun for their classmates.

Before the diplomas were handed out, the graduates and their teachers gave two rousing performances — they danced to Up, Up, Up by Susan Reed, singing “Up, up, up, up in a balloon. Up so high, I can touch the moon.” And they danced to Rocketship Run by the Laurie Berkner Band, singing “Take me to the stars. Take me to the stars. When I get there I’ll go jumping through the air, jumping from star to star.” The songs encouraged the students to be brave, to aim high, and to use their imaginations.

Graduation day was made especially memorable by the warmth, generous support, and enthusiastic encouragement of the families, friends, and teachers. The students were encouraged to look ahead to the next steps on their educational journey by a caring community dedicated to helping them reach their full potential. Executive Director Dr. Laura Mraz, echoing the sentiments of the proud families, observed “This is quite a day, and quite an achievement for all of our students. They have made so much progress over this school year and we’re so proud of how well-prepared they are to move on to their next adventure.”

graduation 2016
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child graduation 2016