Back to School

Guest Authored By Amanda W, MS, CCC-SLP

Winter break is coming to a close and it’s almost time for your child to go back to school! Here are a few tips to help your child smoothly transition back into the school year.

1. Create a schedule with your child. This can be a written schedule, visual schedule, or both. This will allow your child to have a better understanding of what is happening next and may reduce any anxiety or fear he or she may have. Structured and consistent schedules are very important. Aim to have consistent mealtime, story time, and bedtime each night. 

2. Incorporate visual timers. Visual timers may aid with motivating your child to complete time-driven tasks. You can incorporate a timer when your child is getting ready for school, during homework and free time.

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3. Use first/then visuals or language. First/then language and/or visuals are a great way to motivate your child and will help them understand what will happen next. For example, first homework then play time is something you can incorporate during your child’s after school routine.

4. Social stories or shared book reading. This is a great way to target any tension or conflicts your child may be experiencing. You can select books or create a social story to help your child problem solve or be able to relate to a character in a book. For example, if your child is having a hard time making friends, select a book that focuses on building friendships.

Pigeon Has to Go to School

How to Be a Friend

5. Remember, how you speak to your child reflects how they internalize and view themselves. Continuous encouragement and kind words goes along way!

Please contact Amanda Weiland, M.S., CCC-SLP via e-mail at with any questions or concerns.