10 Benefits of Routines for Your Family

Some children have trouble participating in basic, necessary self-care activities – such as brushing their teeth and eating meals – without a fight. To cut down on tantrums, try implementing a routine! When children acclimate to completing certain tasks at the same time every day, they often struggle less when it’s time to put down the toys and take a bath.

10 Benefits of Routines:

  1. Improve efficiency and daily functioning – watch daily tasks become less of a struggle as your child learns how to follow a specific, unchanging routine.
  2. Eliminate power struggles – your child will feel less bossed around when necessary activities are just what we do at that time of day, instead of coming as a surprise.
  3. Let your child feel in charge of their own activities – children tend to rebel less if they feel more independent.
  4. Reduce stress and anxiety for fear of the unknown or for sudden changes.
  5. Connect to your child – create little routines that are just for the two of you. Your child will feel safe and rewarded.
  6. Teach self-care/self-control – your child will learn to wait for (and look forward to) the things they want when necessary activities have a positive result later (put off instant gratification).
  7. Guide positive behavior and safety – rewarding positive, safe behavior often leads to more positive, safe behavior.
  8. Build necessary skills (such as social skills at dinner) – talking, taking turns, sharing toys, learning to wait, and helping others during daily tasks.
  9. Routines are satisfying for parents, too – parenting is stressful. If there is less fighting and pushback with your child when they know what to expect, you will both have a calmer day.
  10. If your child takes daily medication, you both will have an easier time remembering it if it is part of a routine.

There are many reasons to implement routines into your child’s life and the results are usually very positive. Don’t give up if your family doesn’t take to a particular routine right away; routines take time to become routine! And since every situation is different, don’t be afraid to alter your routines a little if they really are not working out for your child.

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