What is Total Motion Release?

Total Motion Release (TMR) is a postural release technique founded by physical therapist Tom Dalonzo-Baker over 15 years ago to help his adult orthopedic patients with back pain to gain range of motion. These techniques release restrictions in muscle and fascia to encourage improved range of motion and symmetrical alignment throughout the kinetic chain, promoting improved functional improvements in patients with pain, decreased range of motion, or atypical presentations.

In 2007, pediatric physical therapist Susan Blum embraced these techniques to be utilized for the pediatric population and Total Motion Release Tots and Teens began. Susan now teaches TMR TNT courses for pediatric therapists all over the United States and world. You can reference the TMR website at www.tmrTots.com for more information!

Who is Total Motion Release Tots and Teens (TMR TNT) for?

TMR TNT is indicated for the many pediatric diagnoses including torticollis, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, hypotonia, motor control, scoliosis and more. It can be performed on babies and children of any age and it will be specific to your child!

Why is TMR TNT Different?

TMR TNT is a different way to approach postural asymmetries. Using TMR TNT, therapists look for interconnected areas of limited range of motion elsewhere in the body which are associated with the presenting restrictions. For example, TMR TNT therapists will focus on the entire body, not only the neck, when treating torticollis. Results can often be limited when only the neck is treated. From TMR TNT’s website, it lists five features that make TMR TNT different than traditional therapy:

  1. Focus: “Treatment is precise to get to the root problem and quickly fix it.”
  2. Build on What They Know: This builds on your child’s strengths. “We reinforce the patient’s successes with positive motor experiences, which aid in motor recruitment.”
  3. Empowerment of Caregiver and Child: “Therapeutic activities are incorporated into daily routines at home, school and daycare. Instead of 1 or 2 hours of therapy a week, treatment becomes 24/7 for even more accelerated results.”
  4. No Tears – Parent Satisfaction: “The language of TMR is comfort!”
  5. Results: “Many patients with incomplete correction of torticollis achieved full correction once TMR was used to identify and treat the associated restrictions.”

What Does TMR TNT Treatment Look Like?

TMR TNT involves placing the child in positions to their preferred/easy side to “unlock” the restriction to gain improved active range of motion. By releasing myofascial restrictions, your child will explore their new range of motion and achieve symmetrical alignment, improved gross motor skills, gain motor control, and more! It is tears-free, feel-good therapy!

The home exercises are simple and can be worked into the parent’s day for two minutes at a time. For example, positions can occur while being bottle or breastfed, being held, while reading a book, and while playing. This empowers the caregiver.

Who Can Perform TMR TNT?

A physical or occupational therapist who has taken a TMR TNT continuing education training course can utilize the TMR evaluation tool and protocol to treat your baby or child. There are three levels of TMR TNT. At Eyas Landing, our PTA, Amy K., has been trained in level 1 and level 2 TMR TNT and will be completing her certification in the spring. Please contact us for more information on getting an appointment with Amy.

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