We are living in an unprecedented time. With all the uncertainty occurring, it is more important than ever to provide clear expectations and structured routines for our children to hold fast to amidst the things we can’t control. Not only is this current pandemic difficult for typically developing children, it is extremely difficult for children with developmental challenges.

Children with developmental conditions tend to have mental rigidity, which makes it difficult for them to adapt to new or changing circumstances. This can be difficult in the best of times, and especially tough as we face the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below are some strategies that you can use every day to ease transitions between and within a variety of activities for children of all abilities.

First/Then Language

Using “First/Then” language is the best tool to keep in your back pocket when a child is seemingly inconsolable. Limiting verbal instruction is key when attempting to garner a child’s attention and regulation. It allows children to have a very clear expectation of what is happening and what will happen with limited verbal cues required. Example: “First we eat dinner, then we play with toys” and even further simplified as “First dinner, then toys.”

Visual Schedules

This can be as simple as a whiteboard with no more than 5 items (keeping the visual on the whiteboard as limited as possible for clear understanding). Try to end the schedule with a preferred item that the child can “work” toward.

Routine Schedules and Charts

Separate the day into sections. If morning is difficult, make a Morning Routine Chart. The same goes for nighttime, school arrival, school departure, etc. Additional resources and sample charts can be found at https://bluebirddayprogram.com/visual-library/.


Checklists are a great way to show children clear expectations as they move through their day. We recommend creating custom checklists based on your family’s unique routines. These clear expectations are vital for children of all abilities.

It is our duty to provide as much comfort and clarity as possible to our kiddos. Together, we can offer as much stability as possible in this truly uncertain time.

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