As an Occupational therapy practitioner, I am a huge fan of a kid’s Climb and Play Couch Set. This couch has endless possibilities of play schemes, obstacle courses, and more. Your child can lounge on the set or be very active. Use this couch set for your child’s specific sensory needs.

Reasons you might want to use the couch:

  1. To receive proprioceptive input
  2. Enoy a soft, tactile space
  3. To work on executive functional skills such as (sequencing, organization, planning, etc.)
  4. To have a safe space to crash (they have their own couch to jump on)
  5. Expand their play skills

Tips and ideas:

 1. Reading nook

Reading can be difficult but let’s make it fun by adding some cool lights, a stuffed animal, and a cool nook to improve participation.

 2. Obstacle courses

Use each piece across your family room or basement area to get some movement breaks in throughout the day. Have your child come up with creative ways to set up the obstacle course to improve sequencing and organizational skills.

 3. Soothing space

Decrease sensory stimuli by creating a safe space for your child to recharge and relax. Try lowering the lights in the room or playing calming music (if child prefers).

 4. Safe space to climb and flip

The cushions are plush, soft, and have enough fluff in the cushions to crash on and maintain a safe body.

 5. Make it part of their routine

Need to get the wiggles out before bedtime? This is a fun set to add to your child’s nighttime routine. Make sure to put on a timer so they know when it’s time to transition.

Ask your child’s Occupational Therapist how you can add a climb and play couch to their sensory diet!

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