Fun Ways to Work on Handwriting

Children today are very advanced when it comes to technology, which can be very beneficial. However, technology can have the opposite affect on some aspects of child development.  Pediatric Occupational Therapists understand that technology can impact a child’s interest in penmanship.  Handwriting is a skill that some clients at Eyas Landing work on.  Handwriting promotes communication skills, fine motor control and visual motor skills in children. 

 Here are some fun ways to work on handwriting skills: 

1.) Tactile exploration: Write letters with shaving cream, sand, or finger paint.

sensory handwriting

2.) Aqudadoodle Mat: OTs love this because it is mess free! You don’t have to worry about kids coloring on the walls or on desks. You just fill the pen with water and it only writes on the mat. It erases as it dries off for easy clean up.

Aquadoodle Handwriting

3.) Magnetic Alphabet Board: Trace the letters with a magnetic pen and the magnetic beads pull up. You can also push down the beads with your finger promoting finger isolation skills. Kids love the haptic feedback this item provides. The size of the board is great as it makes it easy to travel with!

Handwriting OT

4.) Handwriting apps: Try out I Can Write My Name, Handwriting Without Tears, Little Writer. They combine technology and the skills to work on penmanship.