Easter Egg Fun

Easter is just around the corner. Those plastic Easter eggs have more use than just hiding sweet treats for your little ones to find. Here are a few ideas and games you can try out using your plastic Easter eggs. Give them a try!  

  1. Sensory Bin Accessories: Plastic Easter eggs can be used in the sensory bin to scoop and dig. They can also be used to form shapes in sand. Hide opened halves of different colors and challenge them to find their match! 
  2. Guess the Scent: This activity requires plastic eggs that have the holes in the bottom. Put different scents in each egg (i.e., lavender, cinnamon, cotton ball soaked in vanilla extract or lemon juice, lavender). Watch your child use their sense of smell as they guess what scent is inside each egg.
  3. Egg Maracas: Fill the plastic eggs with rice, beans, jellybeans, or other small objects. Seal the eggs shut with strong tape. Have fun creating a rhythm with your maracas! Another idea is to make two sets of eggs with the same object inside and see if your child can match the sounds!
  4. Pattern Match: Using eggs of the same color, draw circles on one egg, squares on another, triangles, etc. Separate the eggs and hide them. Challenge your child to find and match each half with the correct pattern.  
  5. Egg and Spoon Race: Avoid a sticky mess and use your plastic eggs in a relay race or obstacle course. Try to balance the egg on a spoon or in your hand as you race to the finish line. Be careful not to let the egg drop!
  6. Minute to win it:  Separate the kids (and adults) into two teams. Each team is assigned certain colors (i.e., team one collects blue and yellow eggs and team two collects green and orange eggs). Put a bucket in the middle of the play space and scatter the eggs around. Each team works together to collect their team’s designated eggs and toss them in the bucket. The team that collects the most eggs in one minute wins. Ready. Set. Go! 
  7. Animal Egg Hunt: Fill plastic eggs with strips of paper that name different animals (i.e., bear, frog, bunny, crab). Each time they find an egg they open to see what animal they get. Their challenge is to mimic the animal movements and sounds as they work to find the next egg!

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