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Are you concerned that your child is falling behind in reading or writing? Here are some important early literacy milestones to determine if your child is on track. Speech-language pathologists at Eyas Landing are trained to identify children at risk for reading and writing disorders and provide instruction on phonemic awareness and related literacy skills. Families can seek an evaluation with a speech-language pathologist if they are concerned their child is not meeting literacy milestones.  

1-2 YEARS: 

  • Enjoys turning pages of books 
  • Points to and labels pictures in books 
  • Pretends to “read” books 
  • Attends to a book for at least 2 minutes 

2-3 YEARS: 

  • Holds a book correctly 
  • Starts to understand writing versus drawing 
  • Recognizes logos 
  • Can sit and attend to stories for a longer amount of time 

3-4 YEARS: 

  • Talks about characters in a book 
  • Identifies some letters and knows some letter sounds 
  • Recognizes letters that are in their name 
  • Relates their personal experiences to stories 


  • Understands the sequence of a story (beginning, middle, end) 
  • Writes with letter-like forms rather than scribbles 
  • Knows most letter names 
  • Sings the alphabet song 
  • Knows that text is read from left to right and top to bottom 
  • Answers wh-questions (who, what, where, when, why) about stories 


  • Recognizes all letters and letter-sound matches  
  • Retells simple stories 
  • Knows upper and lower-case letters 
  • Identifies 2 words with the same beginning sound 
  • Knows parts of a book (title, chapter, etc.) 
  • Makes predictions about a story 
  • Recognizes sight words (e.g., the, of, she, my, is, are, do, etc.) 
  • Starts to read consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words 
  • Identifies words that rhyme 


  • Reads CVC words 
  • Identifies syllables in words 
  • Blends sounds into words 
  • Understands that words have a correct spelling 
  • Can manipulate words by adding, deleting, or substituting letters 
  • Knows magic (or silent) -e words (e.g., bike, cake) 
  • Starts to recognize some vowel teams (e.g., “ee” as in “teeth”) 


  • Reads multi-syllabic words 
  • Summarizes stories and recalls details (characters, setting, main idea, problem, solution) 
  • Speed of reading continues to increase 
  • Knows most vowel teams (e.g., “ee”, “ea”, “oo”, etc.) 
  • Identifies long versus short vowels 
  • Reads on their own 
  • Reads aloud and fixes their mistakes 

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