DIY Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are great tools that allow your child to explore their environment and give them an opportunity to stimulate the following senses: hearing, smell, taste, sight, and touch. Not only that, but they are a great way to target fine motor skills necessary for participation in daily life activities. Sensory play in a bin provides your child an opportunity for open-ended play to promote hands-on exploration. 

How to make a DIY sensory bin: 

 1. Choose a bin.  

Clear storage containers are a great option as they allow the child to see more of what is inside the bin.  

 2. Choose a filler. 

Below are a few ideas to add to your child’s sensory bin: 

  • Dried rice, pasta, beans 
  • Water beads 
  • Pom poms  
  • Shredded paper 
  • Dry oats  
  • Kinetic sand 
  • Bird seeds 
  • Buttons 
  • Potting soil  
  • Shaving cream 

If you are concerned that your child may eat the items in the sensory bin, consider making a sensory bin with edible items such as: 

  • Cooked pasta 
  • Dry cereal such as Rice Crispies, Chex, or Cheerios 
  • Water (with or without ice)

3. Add tools

  • Tongs or child tweezers– Engaging with tongs or tweezers to pick up items in the bin challenges a child’s visual motor skills and fine motor skills. 
  • Cups– Any tool that can be used for scooping and pouring is a must in a sensory bin. Using these items repetitively helps to strengthen muscles in the wrist and hands needed for skills such as writing. 
  • Spoons– Incorporating spoons is a great way to help your child explore and learn the best way to scoop. This will help them as they continue to use their spoon skills for feeding. 

 4. Add objects

Take a look around the house and see what you can find. Adding items to find and name is a great way to challenge visual skills and support language development. Here are a few ideas:  

  • Toys– Adding animals, dump trucks, cars, or other toys is a great way to tap into those imaginative play skills. 
  • Magnetic alphabets or numbers– These provide your child an opportunity to find and identify letters and numbers.  

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