5 Best Toys to Support Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy Department Head has some great ideas on toys that can compliment therapy and are kid approved!

Jennifer Manas, MOT, ORT/L

  • 5. Play-Doh

    Play-Doh is an awesome, versatile toy.  It’s great for hand strengthening and fine motor skills, and is also a good option for early tactile play.  You can purchase Play-Doh as part of a set with other fun accessories (e.g., a baking set, hair salon set, etc.) to spark your child’s imagination.

  • 4. Squigz

    Squigz are so versatile. This is another toy that is great for bilateral coordination, as well as visual-motor skills and hand strengthening.  Connect them and stick your creations on mirrors, tables, walls, floors – the possibilities are endless.

  • 3. Tunnels

    Tunnels are especially wonderful to use indoors when it’s cold outside!  Use it to provide vestibular input during mini-obstacle courses in your living room, or flip it vertically, have your child stand inside, and play a more fun version of peek-a-boo.

  • 2. Shape Sorter

    Shape sorters are one of my favorite toys for toddlers.  You can use it for basic container play (putting things in and taking things out).  As the child gets older, use it for learning colors and shapes!

  • 1. Zoom Ball

    Zoom Ball is great for upper body strengthening, postural control, motor planning and bilateral coordination.  Additionally, kids need to visually track the ball as it moves closer to their hands, so it definitely works on visual skills, too.  Since two people are required to play, it also helps build turn-taking and cooperative play skills.