The Merlin Program January Resources

The Merlin Program January Resources


Activity 1: Sensory Bin Coins

Find coins/money in dry sensory bin.

Materials: Instructions

Activity 2: Block Buildings Around the World

Use the templates to build buildings from around the world with blocks.

Materials: Worksheet


Activity 3: Kwanza Color By Number

Use the numbers on the page to color in the page.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Counting Puzzles

Print, cut, color, put them in order to see different scenes around the world.

Materials: Worksheet


Activity 1: Continent Matching

Print, cut, match.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Playdoh Continents

Print continents and cover with playdoh.

Materials: Worksheets

Activity 3: French Crepes!

Follow the recipe and make crepes together with a parents’ supervision!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Earth Toast

Use milk and food coloring to paint the earth on toast.

Materials: Link


Activity 1: Children Around the World

Research, fill in information, color.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Globe Trotting Kids

Free online resource full of videos and interactive pictures for kids to explore the world from the comfort of their couch!

Materials: Link

Activity 3: Food Around The World

Learn about new foods from different countries by writing and illustrating them.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Food Around The World Matching

Take what you’ve learned and try to match the flags to the food.

Materials: Worksheet


Activity 1: Taj Mahal

Check out the craft example at the link!



Taj Mahal printable template

Activity 2: Pack Your Suitcase

Cut out pictures and glue onto suitcase.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Passport

Make Your Own Passport!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Paper Towel Roll Airplane

Check out the craft example at the link!

Materials: Link



Print out this visual, post it by the bathroom sink and refer to it each time you practice washing hands!

Materials: Handwashing Visual

Social Story

Use this social story to talk about the importance of handwashing, when we should wash our hands and how to wash our hands!

Materials: Social Story