Therapeutic Holiday Gift Guide

We are breaking down our Top Ten Gift Ideas for Children, with a major focus on promoting fine and gross motor development, all while having fun! All of these Gift Ideas are approved by our Eyas Landing Therapists!

1) Music Music Music!!!
Music is fun, it is engaging, it encourages singing and dancing and can involve the whole family!

2) Get Creative
Get busy creating art with different mediums: paint, chalk, crayons, and putty! All children have an inner Picasso just waiting to be unleashed!

3) Fine Motor Fun
Some of the best toys engage both fine and gross motor skills. Some of our favorite toys help us  to build new and different structures each day! As your child matures these toys will grow and adapt with them!

4) Education with a Spin
Learning really can be fun!

5) Play Ball!
So many fun activities for indoor or outdoor play!

6) Active Play
Movement is the best! These toys address strength, coordination, and balance.

7) Help Out Around the House
Here are some toys which allow the child to be a part of the action!

8) Being Strong is Cool!
Here are some equipment that you can use to make your child stronger!

9) Balance is fun!
Here are some toys that promote balance, safety awareness and strength, all while having fun!

10) Yoga
Yoga has proven to help children with spatial awareness, strength, balance, and emotional regulation!