Functional Toys

Children these days are very tech-savvy. Most of them probably know how to operate computers better than most adults! Our world has advanced so much due to technology. Unfortunately, placing kids in front of screens all day decreases their motor skills. When picking out toys for children, one should analyze how this item can increase developmental skills.  

Bilateral coordination skills allow one to be able to use both sides of the body at the same time. This skill is needed to be successful with our daily activities, such as tying shoes, using a fork and knife to cut our food, to manipulate fasteners on our clothing, and much more.

To improve bilateral coordination skills, purchase items such as:  

  • Mr. Potato Head  
  • Zoom Ball 
  • Lacing Blocks 

 Visual perceptual skills enable us to interpret and organize what we see. This skill allows us to read, write, draw, cut, etc.  

 Toys that promote visual perceptual skills, such as:  

  • Design & Drill 
  • Sort & Snap 
  • Tangoes 

 Hand-eye coordination allows our hands and vision to work together to produce a desired outcome. Hand-eye coordination lets us pour water into our cups, brush our teeth, throw and catch a ball, etc. 

 Toys that promote hand-eye coordination include: 

  • Puzzles with magnetic rods 
  • Let’s Go Fishin 
  • Maze Balls 

 Next time you buy a toy for a child, try to think about how this item can improve his or her developmental skills!