Our COVID-19 Precautions

Our COVID-19 Precautions

As always, your safety is our highest priority and we’re taking every precaution to ensure you have both safe and therapeutic sessions. Our protective measures are carefully designed and continuously reviewed to keep your family safe every day.

PPE for all
staff and clients

Room sanitizations
throughout the day

Required vaccination or weekly testing for employees- with 100% of staff fully vaccinated

COVID-19 Communication Alert Notification System

And other
safeguard measures!

Eyas Landing Vaccine Policy

100% of our staff are fully vaccinated for COVID-19. We require weekly tests for any employees that are not fully vaccinated.

Notification System

Notification System

Our notification system has been designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest information on COVID-19 should anyone test positive here at Eyas Landing.

Orange alert notifications will be sent to any client that has been identified as having less than 6 feet and more than 15 minutes of exposure to the positive individual.

Additional Procedures

  • Our COVID-19 dashboards on our website allow clients, families, and staff to track the number of positive cases at Eyas Landing and Merlin Day Academy each week.
  • Staff and client’s health will be monitored daily, with strict enforcement of our illness policy.
  • CDC and IDPH guidelines will be used to inform quarantine options.

Virtual Therapy

We understand that you may remain cautious about interacting with others while so much remains uncertain about COVID-19. For you, we offer virtual therapy, utilizing a personal HIPPA compliant video conference platform to provide face-to-face screenings, evaluations, and therapy in your home. Video conferencing sessions are conveniently scheduled around your family’s routine to best support your family in the home environment.

Summer Camp

We’ve taken several safety measures for our therapeutic summer camp:

  • Implemented pods to ensure campers and staff interact with a small group
  • Rented an additional unit in the building complex so our campers can safely spread out
  • Hired additional custodial staff for the expanded space
  • Increased cleaning schedule
  • Provided masks to all staff
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