The Merlin Program September Resources

The Merlin Program September Resources


Activity 1: Number Line Trace

Trace the numbers 1-15! One line at a time and one time each!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Number Line Fill In

Fill in the number line! Starting with 1 and ending with 15!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Trace and Count 1-10

Trace the numbers 1-10! Then count using the counting tables!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Button Count

Draw the correlating number of buttons on each shirt! Make sure to count them when you’re done!

Materials: Worksheet


Activity 1: Label Body

Label each body part using the word bank! Then color each one in a different color!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Living Things

Label each living thing using the word bank! Then color in each living thing with a different color!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Recycle

Trace the recyclable material word! Then cut and paste the matching picture!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Sounds

First circle, then color any object that makes sound! Put an X over any object that does not!

Materials: Worksheet



Print out this visual, post it by the bathroom sink and refer to it each time you practice washing hands!

Materials: Handwashing Visual

Social Story

Use this social story to talk about the importance of handwashing, when we should wash our hands and how to wash our hands!

Materials: Social Story


Activity 1: Alphabet Trace

Trace each letter! First uppercase then lowercase!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Syllable Dot It

Count the syllables in each word and mark the number of syllables! Use a dot marker if you have one!

Materials: Worksheet


Activity 1: All About Me

Fill out the all about me sheets with drawing, pictures or words!

Materials: Worksheets

Activity 2: Name Tag

Write each letter of your name and then cut and paste onto a strip to make a name tag for your desk!

Activity 3: Apple Core

Use a paper plate, scissors, red and green paint and a black marker! Paint, cut and paste to make a back to school apple craft to hang up!

Activity 4: Backpack Tag

Get creative! Grab some markers and decorate a name tag for your backpack! Use your favorite colors!