The Merlin Program May Resources

Theme: Plants


Activity 1: Flower Petal Counting

Print out the counting sheet and have your child gather flower petals then place as many petals as the number in the center of the flower.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Secret Code Math Plant

Practice addition and subtraction with this fun packet filled with all kinds of plants and flowers!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Leaf Math to Me

Take your child on a nature walk to pick various leaves then your child will be counting, grouping, classifying, and sorting them as they explore what they collected.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Flower Height Measurement

Follow the directions in the link to learn how measurement can be fun with plants!

Materials: Worksheet

Language Arts

Activity 1: Make a Seed Book

Follow the instructions to be able to make your own seed book! You can use real seeds and seed packets to add inside the book.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Garden Word Cards

Use these garden word cards to learn about things you may find in a garden and make a picture dictionary by rewriting the words and drawing your own pictures.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Lets Write About Plants

Follow this writing prompt to describe what you think are parts of a plant and why you think they are important.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Plant and Flowers Handwriting Practice

Use the practice pages to trace the given words that are associated with plants and flowers.

Materials: Worksheet


Activity 1: Seed Germination Experiment

With the help of a parent, follow the directions given to find out what kind of soil is the best for sprouting seeds!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: What Effects Plant Growth?

Gather all the types of liquids you can find in your home for this experiment and learn if each of them effect the growth of a plant.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: How do Leaves Breathe?

Follow the steps given and all you need is a bowl of water and a leaf to conduct this experiment.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Colorful Flowers

In this experiment you will be dying plants with food coloring to make their petals change colors. As they are changing colors, you will be observing and drawing what you see.

Materials: Worksheet

Creative Arts

Activity 1: Coffee Filter Flowers

Follow the instructions to create colorful flowers with just coffee filters and and liquid watercolors!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Bouquet in Hand Craft

A perfect craft to gift someone! Follow the directions to create a bouquet of flowers with a paper craft made from your child’s handprint.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Happy Cactus Paper Plants

Download and print the free printables to DIY your own happy cactus!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Yarn Wrapped Tulips

Create a bouquet of yarn wrapped tulips by gathering the materials listed and following the directions.

Materials: Worksheet