The Merlin Program March Resources

Theme: Music


Activity 1: Math Music Eighth Notes

Print out the worksheet, add the note values together, and draw a note for the answer.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Sweet Rhythms

Add up the number of beats in each picture and then follow the color code on the worksheet.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Pot of Gold Beats

Count the beats in the pot of gold and then draw a line in the correct shamrock.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Shamrock Notes

Follow the directions and color in the shamrocks according to the note that is inside.

Materials: Worksheet

Language Arts

Activity 1: Rhythm Patterns

Follow the instructions on the worksheet to create shape and rhythm patterns.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Musical Alphabet

Follow the instructions on the worksheet, to make a mini alphabet book, and learn the alphabet by singing the song.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Draw to the Music

Play a snippet to a song, write down how it makes them feel and describe how it sounds.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Rhythm and Beat

Have your child sing the nursery rhymes and follow the words on the worksheet to try to and figure out which is the rhythm and which is the beat.

Materials: Worksheet


Activity 1: Musical Bottles

In this experiment, you will learn how sounds are caused by vibrations. Follow the directions on the activity to make your own musical bottle!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Feel the Vibrations!

With the help of an adult, you will be making walkie talkies using cups or soup cans and then use them to see if you are able to hear the person on the other end.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Sound Waves Experiment

Follow the directions to conduct the experiment and learn the science behind sound waves!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: The Balloon Amplifier

You will need a balloon to blow up and then once it is blown up, hold it close to your ear while you tap on the other side.

Materials: Worksheet

Creative Arts

Activity 1: Musical Water Glasses

Fill the glasses with different levels of water, then add the food coloring to further differentiate them. Then with a wooden spoon, tap each glass to make music!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Straw Pan Flute

Follow the directions to make a set of little pipes with just 6 straws and a piece of cardboard.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Colorful Egg Shakers

You will need plastic eggs to fill with colored sand, once they are filled you will need to tape them shut so they are sealed and get to shaking!

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Strummies

You will need a small box, decorate it however you like using crayons and markers, then add rubber bands around the box to create the strings for the strummies.

Materials: Worksheet