The Merlin Program April Resources

Theme: Animals


Activity 1: Animal Math Packet

Complete this math packet filled with different worksheets! You will be counting animals and completing patterns.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Color the Zoo by Size

Follow the directions to color in the animal of the right size.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: Wild Animals Addition Practice

Add the numbers and animals, then choose the correct answer from the numbers at the bottom of the problem.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: Wild Animals Subtraction Practice

Subtract the numbers and animals, then choose the correct answer from the numbers at the bottom of the problem.

Materials: Worksheet

Language Arts

Activity 1: Let’s Write About the Zoo!

Take a field trip to the zoo with a parent, write about your favorite animal while you’re there and answer some fun questions.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Ocean Animals Sentence Writing

There are three different worksheets where you will practice your writing skills by answering questions.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: An Interesting Animal

In this writing prompt you will write about an interesting animal and tell us where it lives, what it looks like, and what it eats.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: On the Farm Writing Prompts

Trace the words of the animals on the farm and then write a sentence about it.

Materials: Worksheet


Activity 1: Animals of the Polar Regions

Follow the directions on the website to know what materials to use and then conduct the experiment to learn why arctic animals don’t get cold.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 2: Crazy Cool Giraffe

Read the instructions to learn how to use a capillary action science experiment to make your own giraffe skin.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 3: How Do Penguins Stay Dry?

Print out the penguin drawing provided and follow the directions to learn and observe how penguins stay dry.

Materials: Worksheet

Activity 4: How Do Fish Breathe?

Learn about how fish can breathe underwater, right from home! Gather the materials listed and follow the instructions.

Materials: Worksheet

Creative Arts

Activity 1: Peacock Paper Craft

Follow the step-by-step instructions or watch the tutorial video to make your peacock out of paper!

Materials: Worksheets

Activity 2: Paper Chain Snake

Gather the supplies you need for your snake and then follow the directions to create it.

Materials: Worksheets

Activity 3: Rocking Shark Family

In this craft you will be learning or reviewing circles and sorting by size. Follow the directions to make baby shark and the whole family.

Materials: Worksheets

Activity 4: Foam Cup Lion

Follow the directions to create a cute lion using a foam cup, some paint, and orange yarn!

Materials: Worksheets