The Merlin Program

The Merlin Program at Eyas Landing is a therapeutic full-day program designed to provide therapeutic intervention in a school-like setting for children ages 5 and up. Children participate in small groups to promote social interactions with a low therapist:child ratio, along with thoughtfully designed individualized care. Structurally, the Merlin program is similar to the successful therapeutic and preschool readiness program at Blue Bird Day and is intended as the next step in that evolving process for those children that continue to need therapeutic support.

In addition to a theme-based curriculum, our daily services include:

  • ABA Therapy
  • Social Work
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy

Merlin Admission

Once accepted into the Merlin Program, children are placed onto a therapy track that best fits their specific needs. Tracks are assigned after a thorough examination of assessment scores, parental feedback, and team recommendations. Skills are targeted within each track. Our Merlin Tracks © include Mobility, Communication/Oral Motor, Sensory/Emotional Regulation, Functional Living, and Social Group. Once the best track is determined, children are assigned to a small group based on skill assessments, current program progress, and individualized goals. A combination of small group and individual services will be designed to ensure that your child is successful in our program.

Merlin Academics

The Merlin Program’s theme-based curriculum focuses on using monthly themes to individualize learning and therapy goals to fit the child’s level and interest.  Academics are tailored to individual skill levels and current needs based on ongoing assessments. As each child reaches higher skill levels, new goals are introduced and their curriculum is reexamined to make sure your child receives the just right challenge.

ABA, RBT, Therapist, Behavior

Merlin Flexible Programs

Is your child attending a hybrid or fully virtual program this year? If so, the Merlin Program is an excellent way to access flexible half-day or full-day options that enable you to combine hybrid school programs with virtual learning assistance. In addition, our Merlin team is a great support for those children experiencing difficulty with virtual learning platforms.

The Merlin Program Mission

The core mission of the Merlin Program is to provide children with individualized, family-centered peer-oriented experiences in an environment that is safe, therapeutic and most natural to the child. Children receive the tools necessary to explore, create, and learn in ways that best fit their individual needs and learning abilities.

Merlin Program Resources

The Merlin Program offers a wide range of learning activities and we’re continually adding new resources to expand the program and provide new and interesting challenges to make learning fun! Every month features a new theme-based curriculum designed to explore, create, and learn in ways that best fit your child’s individual needs and learning abilities. Try these specially-designed activities at home!

Merlin COVID19 Precautions

As always, your safety is our highest priority and we take every precaution to ensure your child has safe and therapeutic sessions. In addition to the rigorous safety precautions we adhere to throughout our facility (click on the button below for complete details), Merlin participants also receive additional precautions:

  • To reduce the possibility of exposure, clients and therapists will have limited contact across pods.
  • Staff and clients enrolled in the Merlin program have their own designated space in our building, with no crossing of other Eyas Landing clients and staff.
  • In the event that your child’s pod requires self-isolation, the Merlin program will have virtual schedules and programs prepared in advance to ensure limited lapse in care.