Jessica Hall, OTA

Occupational Therapy Assistant


Associate of Applied Science for Occupational therapy Assistant
Fox College

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
University of Illinois at Chicago

Where are you from?I was born in IL, but I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona when I was 7. I moved to Chicago to attend college and live closer to family.
What did you study?During undergrad, I studied psychology and African American Studies. I decided to get my 2nd degree as an occupational therapy assistant.
Professional Bio?While completing my undergraduate degree at UIC, I worked as a therapeutic assistant at Eyas Landing in 2014. After seeing the OTs provide such an important service to the children and their families, I knew I wanted to earn a degree in the occupational therapy field, so I received my associate’s degree in occupational therapy assistant from Fox College. Coming back full circle to work at Eyas Landing helps me pursue my dreams to provide Early Intervention and school-based services to the Chicago population.
Coffee or tea? Coffee, please!
Favorite therapeutic swing?Cuddle swing.
What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment? Completing an accelerated OTA program. It was hard work, but I love that I get to work in the occupational therapy field to advocate and serve children and their families in Illinois.
Books or movies?Movies, I have to keep up with the latest Disney movies.
Where would you go on your dream vacation? I would love to travel to Africa to learn about certain countries vibrant history and see the incredible animals in their habitat.
Favorite children’s book or song? My favorite children’s book is baby beluga because you can read it and sing it!
What skill are you most proud of? I think I have the ability to adapt to change and that skill really helps when working with children, to model certain behaviors.
Winter or summer? I love summers in Chicago.