Introducing Rafael Navarro — Program Coordinator for All Are Welcome Program


My name is Rafael Navarro and I am the new Program Coordinator for the All Are Welcome (AAW) program at Eyas Landing. As the Program Coordinator for AAW, I will be the liaison between Eyas Landing and AAW schools for scheduling screenings, evaluations, ongoing services, and supporting families through the service process. Based on the current and projected need, Eyas Landing has onboarded additional therapists to better support the needs at AAW schools. Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, our plan is to schedule therapists at each school throughout the week so therapists are available for consultation, scheduled services, and potential services.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve worked with youth of all ages in various capacities. As a first generation Mexican American, born and raised in Chicago, I have witnessed first-hand many of the difficulties our families face in the communities we serve. Being aware, conscientious and having experienced similar obstacles in life, in addition to my educational background, has prepared me for this role. My previous experience consists of being a teacher’s assistant at a Chicago Public School High School, conducting at-home applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy sessions for children on the Autism spectrum, and providing youth mentoring for teens in our communities. The previous position I held was as a Director at a preschool-based therapeutic center which I helped develop, structure, and manage. My focus was to build awareness in our communities for families in need of therapeutic services for their children and making it accessible to them.

As we near the end of the school year and anticipate the next year, I am reaching out to create an open line of communication between school staff, families, and myself. I will be able to provide all the necessary information and assist the families in the entire process. Being fluent in Spanish will make for a better experience for our predominantly Spanish speaking families as I will be able to communicate and address any of their concerns. I plan on familiarizing myself with the needs of your school and be consistently present to support families and staff.

On behalf of Eyas Landing and All Are Welcome, I look forward to working together to educate our families, as well as provide assistance and access to the quality therapeutic services our children deserve. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have.


Rafael Navarro
Senior Administrator
Program Coordinator for All Are Welcome
Eyas Landing, Inc.

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