Gileene (Gilly) Daradar, BA, RBT

Behavior Therapist


Bachelor of Arts in Social Science
With a concentration in Psychology and Sociology
Benedictine University


  • Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Natural Environment Teaching
  • Behavior Reduction
  • Discrete Trial Training
  • Functional Communication
Name the moment that inspired you to take your career path.The moment that inspired me to choose a career in ABA was when I took my first behavior modification class during my undergrad back in 2013. Being out in the field and getting a real feel for how ABA makes a difference in each of the children’s lives is what keeps my drive and passion for continuing to stay in this field and to continue my career path in hopes to becoming a successful BCBA.
What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?My greatest accomplishment was working full-time while being a full time student and graduating in 3 years.
What do you love most about working at Eyas Landing?What I love most about Eyas Landing is how every discipline works together with such passion and dedication as a team to ensure that we are providing the best care for each child that walks through the door.
How has the supervision at Eyas Landing supported your professional growth?
Supervision at Eyas Landing has supported my professional growth in ways that allow me to further pursue my career in the ABA field to become a successful BCBA in the future.
Is there anything else you’d like to add about yourself?In the process of completing my Masters of Science in Applied Behavioral Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.