Olyvia G, RBT

Behavior Therapist

Eyas Landing Employee Since 2020


Bachelor of Science Kinesiology: Exercise Science
University of Kentucky

Credentials and Certifications

  • CPR/AED/ First Aid 

Clinical Expertise

  • Social-Emotional skills 
  • Early Intervention 
  • Stroke Rehabilitation Services 
  • Discrete Trial Teaching 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder 
  • Feeding Therapy 

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My Story

Going into college, I didn’t know what career path I wanted to follow; therefore, I was declared “Undecided” for a year. As months went by, I knew I wanted to be in the health field and working with children. From that point on, I did some research and decided to major in Kinesiology. I was fascinated by the stories and life lessons my professor would tell us of her daughter attending Occupational and Physical Therapy for her Cerebral PalsySo, I decided to apply to a few clinics and see if this career would spark my interest. Little did I know the connection between all the therapy services and how they relate to one another in many ways. 

While observing at multiple pediatric clinics during my undergraduate studies, I worked closely with a clinic’s multidisciplinary team. My inspiration came from the team’s focus on the importance of building connection between children and their family members. I was fortunate to have been working alongside multiple therapists, whose goal was to have a client who suffers from strokes and cerebral palsy and to gain the ability to walk and improve her speech.  

Each clinic has a very rewarding environmentBy obtaining over 500 hours of observation, I realized that I have a strong desire to work with individuals no matter how challenging it isbecause at the end of the day, the client is one step closer to their goal. By cause of this, I truly enjoy learning about individuals and using their interests and commonalities to help them grow to their fullest potential.  

My Eyas Landing

Supervision at Eyas Landing has motivated me to strive diligently towards my goals and future career. Each therapist is very resourceful and is always there for you when seeking guidance.  I love how every day I am able to learn not only from therapists, but as well as from clients. I admire the aspect of having the privilege to educate individuals with daily tasks or relearn a task. 

My Professional Goals

Current Goal: Become a Registered Behavioral Therapist  

Future Goal: Apply to Occupational Therapy School (2021) 

Future Goal Extended: Own a pediatric clinic 

Eyas Landing is a therapy clinic with a mission to provide evidence-based and family-centered therapy services for children, adolescents, and their families. The primary goal is to deliver relationship-based interventions within the most natural environments and to empower families to reach their full potential. To achieve this goal, our highly educated, compassionate staff dedicates time and expertise to create experiences that maximize therapeutic outcomes. The strength, determination, and perseverance of our clients are evident as they succeed in therapy, and ultimately in their daily lives.

Eyas Landing offers a wide range of comprehensive services including Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, ABA Therapy, Social Work, Family Therapy, and Neuropsych testing. Services are provided throughout the Chicagoland area via Telehealth, In-Home, and in our state of the art clinic.