Erin P, MEd

Director of Administration, West Loop


Undergraduate in Sociology and Special Education

Graduate degree in Urban and Multicultural Education


  • Engagement
  • Advocacy
  • Coordination of care
  • Intake
  • Management
  • Scheduling
Where are you from?Born in NY, grew up in Naperville.
What did you study?Undergraduate in Sociology and Special Education and Graduate degree in Urban and Multicultural Education.
Name the moment that inspired you to take your career path.I remember always wanting to be an educator. I spent a lot of time collecting school supplies and playing teacher with my cousins as a child. I grew up in a family that spent a lot of time volunteering for various organizations and very early on learned the value of discovering people’s differences and doing your best to help those in need.
What do you specialize in?Engagement, advocacy, coordination of care, intake, management, and scheduling. I love bringing children’s families into our beautiful little Eyas Landing world and opening up their eyes to all of the amazing things their children will do here.
Coffee or tea? Coffee. Preferably my dad’s specialty blend that he roasts at home.
Favorite therapeutic swing?Platform swing. This would be my favorite one to swing on myself, but is also my favorite because I love to sing and laugh with children while they’re on the platform. One of the first children I worked with here first made eye contact with me on that swing, and very soon after was smiling and laughing with me and asking for more!
What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment? Is it weird to feel a sense of accomplishment by traveling to places? I think of travel as such an important part of personal growth and developing an understanding of others. I used to live abroad teaching English in different countries and I am extremely proud of the culture, understanding, and acceptance we were able to share with each other in those contexts.
Books or movies?Both. But on a slow rainy afternoon, I’d chose a movie.
Favorite children’s book? Go Dog, Go.
What skill are you most proud of? Irish Step Dancing.
Winter or summer? Summer is coming.